LED Light Guide Plate

What is an LED light guide plate?

A light guide plate is a thin light-emitting panel (LGP: Light Guide Panel).
This technology is the same as is used in the current LCD TV displays. In this technology, transparent acrylic is subjected to a special printing process and laser etching. Then light is projected from the thicker acrylic side so that the flat surface is illuminated with a uniform brightness.
We are a pioneer in using light guide plates for illumination. We can provide consultations on all types of illumination needs.
LEDs combined in a light guide plate provide power savings and long life.
We develop various products that emit light evenly using LED light guide plates in forms as thin as 5 to 6 mm.

LED Light Guide Plate Features

1. Gentle light

The light guide plate illumination diffuses and reflects the LED light projected from the side surface of the light guide plate.
Since it emits uniform light, there is none of the glare that is characteristic of the point light source effect peculiar to LEDs. The result is soft and gentle light.

2. Energy-saving and economical

Since LEDs provide the light, power consumption can be kept low and operating costs are reduced.
This is environmentally friendly and ecologically sound light.

3. Thin, space-saving

One of the light guide plate’s appeals is its thinness. It can be incorporated into a thin design, even when you include the lighting unit’s frame.
It is possible to have a satisfying level of brightness throughout the space with a ceiling finish that looks smart and uncluttered.
Even in a limited enclosure, since the light guide plate is thin, it is easy to create an effective sense of space that can be used flexibly.

4. Huge range of sizes

Light guide plates can be installed on supermarket walls and in large shopping malls, as well as in small shops.
Please rely on us for large-scale manufacturing projects, such as for condominium rooftop signboard illumination.

LED light guide plate production process

STEP 1: Meetings (where we REALLY LISTEN!)

YSM provides everything you need, from design and manufacture to mounting your light guide plate units.

Where (in what conditions) do you want to install the units you are thinking of buying?
How do you plan to bring the electrical wiring to the installation location?
Is there a place to locate the power supply appropriately?
And more …….

After we review your conditions in detail, YMS will prepare a proposal that will accommodate your installation plan.

STEP 2: Design

If you have a CG image or rough sketch, we will design a reference blueprint.
We will design it so that your idea can be turned into a useful product.

STEP 3: Processing

We ask our customers to check and confirm the blueprints. We proceed with manufacture, after obtaining your approval.
We do everything ourselves, from order processing to manufacturing, and on to delivery.

STEP 4: Installation & mounting

If you need a metal fitting for attachment, we have a simple question: “Isn’t it better to custom-make this metal fitting?”
We use connectors, etc. so that you can plug into a power outlet, and also provide an instruction manual specifically tailored for you.
Of course, we will also produce and hand over the light inspection file.
We do our best to satisfy every one of our customers.

STEP 6: After-sales Support

One year warranty.
We also provide repairs and after-sales maintenance (* There is a fee for repairs.)

Please use the form below for consultations and requests for quotes.


In process …

LED light guide plate furniture

A gorgeous way to upgrade a store’s interiors

Until now, it has been difficult to use furniture that glows, in the food industry, because of the heat that gets radiated. With the advent of LEDs, radiated heat is so miniscule that light can be used in various exciting ways.
In addition to illuminating food, LED light guide plates are really compatible with the decor of fashion shops and the sale of jewelry and related products, and for really exciting lighting in other kinds of stores and restaurants.
Please feel free to contact us.

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