What is FFLP?

The Flexible Flat Light Panel is a surface-emitting panel that can be bent flexibly, like nothing ever seen before.

YSM uses really bright LEDs to bring you an amazingly flexible surface light emitting plate.
Using FFLP, you can easily make a light emitting surface follow along any kind of curve.

Since it is as little as 4 mm thin, it can be applied to signs and displays, and people can imagine and achieve new designs for illumination that have never existed before. Interior and exterior lighting fixtures, displays, amusement spots, etc. FFLPs can be used to super-enhance any space.

Patent registration completed
[Patent No. 6331059]

Trademark registration completed
[Registered as 6047645]

Design registration completed
[Registration No. 1510025]
[Registration No. 1510211]

FFLP Features

Perfectly free curves

Since FFLPs can be curved freely around or along a housing, it can be used to construct units quickly and easily.

No molding needed

There is no molding process needed, and one type of FFLP can be used to make various curves, at reduced cost.

Thinnest: 3mm

A surface emitting material that can be bent freely and in tight curves using a light guide plate.
Ideal for signboards.

Produce a die and a moldFFLPLED light guide plate
As per a mold (only one type)

Along a housing (any type)
Flat and curved surfaces can be molded (only one type)
Die production fee + molding fee + light source cost (LED, etc.)

FFLP only
LED light guide plate + die production fee when curved surface shines + molding fee
Luminous methodBacklightSurface emissionSurface emission
About a 100mm thickness is required to hide the lamp source image when it is used as backlight.

Thinnest: 3mm

Thinnest: 10mm
Easy construction×
Design work is involved

Just laid in place (any type can be used)

As per a mold (only one type)
Larger sizes are also possible

Larger sizes can be made by connecting units together.
Standard length 700×300 mm *A

Larger sizes are also possible
*A: Large items can be manufactured by connecting the 700 mm sides together. (The 300mm sides cannot be connected)

In-house products using FFLPs

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