Custom Lighting

What is custom lighting?

This is custom-designed and custom-made lighting that brings to you a unique light that is yours alone, and not available as a ready-made product anywhere in the world.
Indirect lighting for shops and homes, such interior lighting items as chandeliers, light stands, pendants and brackets (mainly indoor applications).
Based on the use of Computer Graphics and rough cartoons, we proceed to render your design faithfully and deliver it as a finished product.
Our high quality technology and fine products are thanks to the maximization of the lighting experience and know-how we have cultivated over 70 years, in cooperation with our sister company, Yashima Lighting Co., Ltd.

[Custom lighting production process]

STEP 1: An Inquiry

Please feel free to contact us by phone or using our inquiry form for consultations and inquiries about our products.

STEP 2: Meetings (where we REALLY LISTEN!)

We and our collaborative partners will respond to you requests for custom lighting.

We will listen carefully to your request.
Before finalizing the design, we will check the rough concept using such aids as CG or rough cartoons.
We can produce an item from conceptual pictures or simple sketches, without design data or drawings.
We can produce custom-made lighting by referring to illustrations, CG, and details that we obtain during our interview.
* It is also possible to have a meeting using web conferencing. Please feel free to contact us.

  • We can produce lighting that involves the use of various materials, such as various forms of wood, or washi (traditional Japanese paper)
  • Collaboration with our designers
  • Custom lighting with LED controls

And more …….
We have many collaborators, and we can create custom lighting specific to your request, in cooperation with our various partners.
Please feel free to contact us.

STEP 3: Final Design & Quotation

Based on our discussions and with reference to the CG images and rough sketches that are developed, we will create a design drawing for your approval.
We will design the product you conceived of in a manner that can be manufactured as a custom-made lighting product.
Our proposal will also include the price, delivery date, specifications, etc.
When you agree on the details, we will accept your written order and start production.

STEP 4: Custom Lighting Manufacturing Process

We ask our customers to check and confirm the blueprints. We proceed with manufacture, after obtaining your approval.
We do everything ourselves, from order processing to manufacturing, and on to delivery.
We can manufacture lots from one piece to the mass production of a maximum 500 pieces at a time.

SETEP 5: Inspection & Delivery

Before shipping, we test and inspect every unit of the custom-made lighting that we have produced and then deliver it. You receive our reliable custom lighting product, made according to your design.

STEP 6: After-sales Support

One year warranty.
We also provide repairs and after-sales maintenance (* There is a fee for repairs.)

Please use the form below for consultations and requests for quotes.

Examples of custom lighting we have produced

In process …

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