Architectural Hardware

What is architectural hardware?

The finishing hardware used when general buildings are made is called architectural hardware.
YSM manufactures hall nameplates, entrance monitoring machines, and intercom units.
We also produce custom-made building name plates according to customer requirements.
If you desire stylish, high-quality construction finishing hardware, please count on WMS and our proven track record.

Hall Name Plates

We produce nameplates for apartment building and condominium names, company nameplates and company name signs.
From design to delivery, we will make a unique name plate for you.
By combining the signage with an LED light guide plate, it is possible to produce a hall name plate that emits a gentle surface glow/light.
Since we deal with a variety of LEDs, in addition to light guide plates, we can respond to various requirements and deliver a variety of appearance effects.
We also provide special surface finishes, such as painted-look and mirror finishes.

Entrance monitoring machine

Along with the building name plate, an entrance monitoring machine is an item that sets the tone of an apartment building.
We can design and produce various types of such devices.

Intercom units

We can make any type of intercom unit an integrated newspaper delivery receptacle or with separate types ese functions.
We can meet your needs, regardless of whether for a stand-alone type unit, for a private house or for an apartment complex.
We also have the advantage of being a primary manufacturer, so we have the flexibility to provide any type of design, color, size and material. We can demonstrate our track record of 1220 implementations, all designed to meet a variety of specific needs.

Production Steps Involved in Making Architectural Hardware

STEP 1: An Inquiry

Please feel free to contact us by phone or using our inquiry form for consultations and inquiries about our products.

STEP 2: Meetings (where we REALLY LISTEN!)

We will listen carefully to your request.
Before finalizing the design, we will check the rough concept using such aids as CG or rough cartoons.
We can produce an item from conceptual pictures or simple sketches, without design data or drawings.
We can manufacture architectural hardware by examining your illustrations, computer graphics, and the specific requirements that you present during an interview.

* It is also possible to have a meeting using web conferencing. Please feel free to contact us.

STEP 3: Final Design & Quotation

Based on our discussions and with reference to the CG images and rough sketches that are developed, we will create a design drawing for your approval.
We will design your conceptions so that they become the functioning embodiment of your ideal piece of architectural hardware.
Our proposal will also include the price, delivery date, specifications, etc.
If you agree, we will accept you order and start production.

STEP 4: Processing of architectural hardware.

We ask the customer to check the blueprints. We will start the manufacturing process after receiving your approval.
We do everything ourselves, from order processing to manufacturing, and on to delivery.

SETEP 5: Inspection & Delivery

Before shipping, we test and inspect the architectural hardware that we have produced, to make sure that what we deliver is reliable architectural hardware.

STEP 6: After-sales Support

We also provide repairs and after-sales maintenance (* There is a fee for repairs.)

Please use the form below for consultations and requests for quotes.

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