Custom Product

What is a custom product?

We manufacture lighting and building hardware that provide a richness of detail not available in ready-made products.

We listen to your wishes and deliver a product to you that is absolutely unique.
Even if you do not have drawings, we can capture your ideas and develop drawings for your approval. First of all, please give us an idea of the product image you have in mind.
YSM faithfully performs these steps: Listening → Designing → Manufacturing → Assembly → and After-sales Follow-up.
Please count on us for custom lighting, LED light guide plates, FFLP, and construction hardware.

Custom Lighting

Indirect lighting for shops and homes, such interior lighting items as chandeliers, light stands, pendants and brackets (mainly indoor applications).
Based on illustrations and rough cartoons, we proceed rationally from designing to delivering finished product.
Our high quality technology and fine products are thanks to the maximization of the lighting experience and know-how we have cultivated over 70 years, in cooperation with our sister company, Yashima Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED light guide plate/LED light guide plate lighting

A light guide plate is a thin light-emitting panel (LGP: Light Guide Panel).
We are a pioneer in light guide plate lighting, and are able to provide consulting for all sorts of lighting situations.
LEDs combined in a light guide plate provide power savings and long life.
We develop various products that emit light evenly using LED light guide plates in forms as thin as 5 to 6 mm.

What is architectural hardware?

The finishing hardware used when general buildings are made is called architectural hardware.
YSM manufactures hall nameplates, entrance monitoring machines, and intercom units.
We also produce custom-made building name plates according to customer requirements.
If you desire stylish, high-quality construction finishing hardware, please count on WMS and our proven track record.

What is FFLP?

The Flexible Flat Light Panel is a surface-emitting panel that can be bent flexibly, like nothing ever seen before.
YSM uses really bright LEDs to bring you an amazingly flexible surface light emitting plate.
Using FFLP, you can easily make a light emitting surface follow along any kind of curve.

YSM’s craftsmanship

Lights to illuminate and enrich your lifestyle

We are often asked to manufacture custom-made products, into which we install various sources of light. Therefore, we have a deep understanding of how to use LEDs, organic ELs, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and various other light sources.
We utilize this knowledge to produce lighting fixtures that meet our customers’ needs.

Light conveys emotional qualities.

Bright light.
Light that shines steadily.
Brilliant and breathtaking light.
Faint light that resembles the dawn.
Light that glows like moonlight.
Light like wisdom in silence.
Feel relieved …
Be dazzled …
Feel warm and generous …
Add a feeling of elegance and joy …
Light creates a rich emotional lifestyle for the people it shines upon.
We will continue developing and delivering light that enriches the lives of those who encounter it.

Production staff members

Mr. Yashima, Representative

– Shaping feelings –

He creates products from CG data or rough sketches.
He captures our customers’ concepts in a concrete form.

Plant Manager

– A sheet-metal processing Master –

75 years old, born in 1945.
Thanks to 60 years in the sheet-metal industry, if he has drawings, he can make his own jigs and create products, with just the intuition these years have instilled in his skillful hands.

Mr. Yaguchi

– He may look wild, but his touch is simultaneously delicate and powerful. –

When completing processes that require patience, such as assembling LEDs, soldering, wiring, and so forth, he makes sure the products are carefully finished so they feel smooth and complete.
Before joining our company, he had a lot of on-site experience. He puts that work to good use now, because it makes him very good at developing detailed proposals about how to set up and install a plan.
He likes international exchanges and can speak some English and Korean.

Mr. Sugawara

– A sheet metal worker who also has a second-class electrician’s qualification –

He is good at sheet metal processing.
He processes products carefully, using his flexible thinking and ingenuity, and considers both the user and the design’s intentions.

Mr. Shibamiya

– He carries out the public relations aspects of YSM’s sheet metal and assembly activities –

He joined the company in 2019. Every day he comes up with new ideas and applies them for the benefit of our company, because he wants to bring YSM’s light into more happy lives.

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