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Corporate Philosophy
– Management philosophy –

“YSM will continue to illuminate the future of the people whose lives we touch, while giving tangible shape to those things they live with and enjoy every day.”

We convert people’s ideas and elements of their imagination, not yet expressed as drawings, into pleasing shapes. Conceiving of new things and manufacturing them are just some of the steps in our creative process. We invest our products with such intangibles as empathy and excitement. We think this makes us a company worthy of being chosen again and again by customers and cooperating companies alike. We hope to light the way to the future in our quest to illuminate the world.

Custom Lighting

We can create lighting from an idea a customer has originated, that has not yet been expressed as drawings.
Our experienced staff will understand your ideas, help you with the design and make the necessary drawings.
We use our 20 years of know-how and our own machines to deliver finished products to you that started with simple statements of your basic product needs.
Over the past 20 years, we have delivered innovative products to major construction and railway companies.

In process …

Awards History

This page shows you the awards YMS has won.
Our original “NIGHT BOOK” won three awards overseas.
We hope to continue to illuminate the world of the people whose lives we touch, and provide things they live with and enjoy every day.


An international organization for promoting fine design that has been sponsored by the Industry Forum Design Hanover (iF) in Hanover, Germany since 1953. Every year they select excellent designs for industrial and other products around the world. The iF Design Award is one of the “World’s Three Largest Design Awards”. The other two are the IDEA Award (in the USA) and the Red Dot Design Award (in Germany).

Design Intelligence Award 2018

China is focusing special attention on the refinement of its design policy. This is China’s first international design award, which was established in 2016 by the DIA Committee of the China Academy of Fine Arts and sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Government. In order to establish its place among the world’s prestigious design awards, they have solicited sources of recommendations and identified judges in many countries, in collaboration with major design organizations around the world. Only the works recommended through their network will be accepted for evaluation and possible awards.


This is a world-wide design award started in 2003 by the Hong Kong Design Center, intended to position Hong Kong as an Asian design hub. This is an international award with more than 1000 entries from over 20 countries, every year. The Center focuses on the rapidly evolving Asian market. They evaluate design excellence from four perspectives: culture, continuity, tradition and technology, and take special note of an entrant’s potential for its degree of impact on Asian society.

Company Profile

Our company’s own staff designs, manufactures, and constructs products for interior decor and exterior accessories, such as intercom units, gated fences, and lighting for condominiums and private houses.
Our motto is: We commit ourselves to delivering our products with full responsibility for every aspect. Please feel free to contact us with any request, from 1 piece to mass production runs.

Our products are on sale at the Fondation Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton Museum).

Our NIGHT BOOK is on sale at the shop in the Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris Museum

Our products are on sale at the VITRA Museum Shop.

VITRA is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Europe, headquartered in Basel near the border between Switzerland and Germany.
Our NIGHT BOOK is on sale at the Museum Shop in VITRA Haus, Vitra Schaudepot. The area is famous for beautiful architecture in various styles.

AffiliateY.S.M Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeTetsuya Yashima, Representative Director
LocationHeadquarters / Factory
342-1, 2 Chome, Yashio City, Saitama, 340-0811, Japan
Established inJuly 8, 1992
Established in1992
Capital10 million yen
Number of employees6 (as of April 2020)
Reference banksSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Saitama Shinkin Bank
Lines of businessPlan, design, manufacture, construct and sell LED lighting, LED light guide plates, FFLPs, construction hardware, signs, and other processed metal goods.
Major customersMitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Kashima Construction Co., Ltd., Tokyu Corporation, Kyushusharyoshizai Co., Ltd., Dawn Design Laboratory Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Fujikyuko Co., Ltd., Team Lab Co., Ltd., Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd., Tsutaya Consumer Electronics Enterprise, vitra, FLV, AMEICO, etc.
AffiliateYashima Lighting Co., Ltd. (Founded in 1950)
Main reference banksSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Saitama Shinkin Bank、
Business recordsBetween 1994 and 2009 we delivered our products to 1220 condominiums.
Information on license and qualification holdersClass 2 electrician (1)
Lighting consultant (1)
Condominium distributorBetween 1994 and 2009 we delivered our products to 1220 condominiums.


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